Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail Art Update!



Hi! Okay, I'm just here to do an update for my Online Nail Shop! You can visit it here!
I ship worldwide for only $ 5 . 00 per nail set. Shipping price is included in the nails price. So if you see a nail set for $ 25 . 00, the nails are 20 and the shipping is included as 5. Just press the Paypal button above the nail sets pictures and make one easy payment. Shipping time can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks, possibly even 3 weeks, depends on your area. Nails are made to order, so allow 2-3 days for nails to be made before shipment. We ship all days of the week, not just business days.  When you buy a set you get a full 10 piece nail set and that does not come with nail glue or nail stickers. You'll have to buy your own. If you have any further questions you can check the FAQ here~

So I'm gonna show you guys the nails I've posted on there and I hope you like them. Tutorials on how to do them will be put up on on my youtube soon and some picture tutorials will be posted on here too~


Here's the first set, Red Rose nail set. Currently selling for $ 40 . 00, and that's with shipping included.

These nails are one of my best, they're very intricate and hard to do and take a large amount of time. They have 3 red tones and red acrylic roses that have the edges painted with dark sparkly red paint.


Here's my Rose Garden of Sparkles nail set. Currently selling for $ 28 . 00, that's with shipping included.

These are a gorgeous dark pink with TONS of sparkles!


Here's my Blue Heart Lagoon nail set. Currently selling for $ 35 . 00, that's with shipping included! 

These have to be my second best against my Red Rose set. The have a beautiful blue gradient going from a deep blue to a light icy blue. They're covered in silver and light blue sparkles so they're extremely sparkly~!


These are my Pink Leopard nail set. They currently selling for $ 28 . 00, that's with shipping included.

These nails have a hot pink leopard print with black rhinestones and black sparkles! They're a very unique style!


These are the Sparkled Glass nail set. They are currently selling for $ 25 . 00, that's with shipping included.

They a pair of clear false nails with a gradient of two sparkly shades of pink nail polish adorned with gold and white rhinestones!


These are my Sunset Strip nail set. They are currently selling for $ 25 . 00, that's with shipping included.

These have to be my favorite, if I had to wear ANY of my nails I would wear these! They have a beautiful sunset gradient with 3 gold stripes and a orange rhinestone! The gradient colors go from bottom to top, peach red, tangerine orange, and sheer yellow. They have a slight sparkle as their coated in a yellow glimmer gloss.


These are my Dark Hearts nail set. Currently selling for $ 28 . 00, that's with shipping included.

These are a very pretty dark pink set of nails with a little sparkle, pretty heart decals, and dark pink rhinestones. The heart decals and sparkles are from a Jordana nail polish I reviewed here~


So I hope you guys like them and check them out on my website, some have a few more pics than what's shown here. I hope you lovely ladies consider buying some! ;D Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skin by Alison Raffaele Cosmetic Tiny Mini Haul!



Hi again everyone! I'm so sorry for the delay for this blog post, I went on vacation and had a lot of work to do to get caught up. So I'm back and in action now!

I'm gonna do a review on 3 items I bought from by a brand of cosmetics called Skin by Alison Raffaele~ =^ ^=
Now, lemme' go over something here. Hautelook is a online shop that sells all kinds of designer items for discounted prices. They don't sell anything consistently though, things go on sale for certain periods of time and when they're gone who knows when you'll see them again. So it's important you get to the sale and get the stuff before it's gone!
You can sign up from this link,
If you sign up from that link, every time you guys buy something, I earn credits! So think of this as repaying me for showing you such a great site that'll save you tons! lol ;D

So quite a while back I bought 2 lip glosses and a water based gel blush from Hautelook. I loved all the products and will purchase again from Hautelook. Especially the glosses!!! They had free shipping that weekend, it's usually only $ 5 . 95, so it only cost me $ 16 . 58! I saved a total of $ 50 . 42. Pretty impressive huh? hehe~
Shipping only took about a week too! =^ ^=

I got a Soft Gloss in Lovely and a Volumizing Soft Gloss in Sweet. The top peach colored one is Lovely and the bottom purple one is Sweet. Lovely normally retails for $ 19 . 50, I bought mine for $ 4 . 68! Sweet normally retails for $ 22 . 50, I bought mine for $ 5 . 40! 

They both have fuzzy tip applicators.

I like these applicators as they apply well, they have to be my fav applicator when it comes to lip gloss.

Pretty flower looking thingy engraved on the top of the glosses caps. The caps are a very pretty violet color, very simple but pretty and elegant.

Here is Lovely on my lips! Lovely color isn't it? lol I love these glosses because they're not too sheer, you get a lot of color payoff from what you see in the bottle. They're VERY watery feeling. So they're not long lasting, you'll need to reapply these consistently every hour and a half to maybe two hours, especially if you eat and drink a lot. Though I'm okay with re-application so that's no con for me. I have to say I LOVE the way these feel, very moisturizing!

Here is Sweet on my lips! Now I love purple lipsticks and lip glosses so I was really happy when I got this, it's the perfect purple! I have a MAX Factor lipstick that I swear was made for this gloss! lol Now, as for volumizing, it does tingle a teeny tiny bit. Honestly the tingle is nothing, it's like putting on menthol chapstick, so no bad burning here. I don't think it has much of a plumping effect, if I look closely I kind of see a slight difference and my lips look a little fuller, but nothing monumental. Still, it's very nice and I find I don't need the plump anyways~ ^ ^

Here they are swatched on my arm, Lovely on the left and Sweet on the right. They look a little more sheer on my lips than they do on my arm. Overall, I love these and they're my favorites currently! Even for full price they'd be worth every penny.


This is a Inner Glow Translucent Gel Blush. It's water based and feels like a hard gel stick. The color is called Glamorous. This normally retails for $ 25 . 00, I bought mine for $ 6 . 50! Woo hoo Hautelook! lol

Here's a top view of the Gel Blush. Now, the color is a mixture of light pink and a lavender/violet color with opal and gold sparkles. I'd say the gold sparkles are the most noticeable feature of this blush. It's very translucent so I prefer to use it as a sparkly highlighter rather than a blush.

In this picture from the side I pushed it out pretty far. You can really see how purple it can look in this pic. If you add tons you can see some violet color and not just the sparkle.

Here you can see it swatched on my arm. You can clearly see the gold sparkle. It's truly a pretty gel blush~! I like to swirl it on my fingers and dab my fingers on my cheeks, forehead, sides of nose, and a little on the chin as a sparkly highlight! Now, I have slightly sensitive, acne prone skin and I've had no allergic reaction and no acne breakouts from this. It's kind of sticky so it'll last well in hot weather, it's been tested here in Florida so it should hold up just fine else were! ;D
Also, because it's so sticky it can pull away base makeup so I suggest using your fingers and dabbing it on as application. You could also add some translucent powder over it to smooth it out a bit.

One down side is you have to push it out from the bottom you see here and to push it back you just push the stick back in. I would have preferred something a little more convenient like being able to it twist up or down or something.

Here's a view from the top. It's a pretty white bottle with a violet cap with that same flower lookin' thingy engraved on the cap as the lip glosses.

Here on the side of the box it goes over a little application for it.

Here are the ingredients for people who may be allergic to any.


So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Overall, I've been really happy with this purchase and these are all products I use frequently. If I see some more on Hautelook again, chances are I'll buy more if I have the
money! lol
So I hope you guys check out Hautelook here! ->
PLEASE use that link to sign up! It'll mean a lot to me! So I hope you guys check them out, they have great deals on some amazing designer brands! Please follow me and have a great day, or night, or noon, or whatever! ;D