Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etude House Cookie Blusher Review Rose #02!!!

Hello again! I had a great weekend, except I did sleep all of Sunday! hehe kaomoji I woke up for dinner and was back to bed! So I would say I enjoyed Sunday! haha~ Anyways! I'm gonna review a blush from my all time favorite makeup brand Etude House, which is a korean makeup brand.
They have oh so cute packaging! makeup,icon
They're cheap also and easy to buy off of ebay, shipping time is pretty reasonable, a little less than 2 weeks usually, and that's good considering it comes from china and shipping was like $2! Then mostly because the quality is great for the price and availability. So I really enjoy this brand!

Now, I hadn't worn a blush in years before I bought this, mainly because I felt like my face didn't need to be defined any further! I have very.... bulbous cheeks, they're definitely defined on their own! That and regardless that I'm as pale as Snow White( I'm pale and I'm proud!!!) I wear a ton of bronzer. In the end though I wanted a blush so I got this, and I love it!deco
It's Etude House's Cookie Blusher, it is their second color, Rose #02!

 It's a very pretty warm, rose color. A couple a sweeps with either the puff the provided or a blush brush and you'll have a pigmented enough application. The color wears off in a few hours so re-application is needed with this, but the lasting time is still pretty decent especially since I live and Florida. It isn't exactly all cool and breezy here, makeup tends to melt off easily!
This is unscented and I have relatively sensitive, oily, acne prone skin and I have no discomfort wearing this! It's a nice color on me, even though I am super pale and slightly red, after foundation and the whatnot I look good with a few sweeps.deco
Here it is on my arm, swatched with 3 sweeps using the included puff. As you can see it's a very natural color, even on someone as pale as me. So a nice light sweep of this stuff looks great and I can imagine it'd look good on darker skin also!
I paid around $8 . 00, with shipping included, for this on ebay. I don't remember the exact ebay seller though! But there are many on ebay that I buy Etude House from so most from my experience are good. You can also buy Etude House and many other korean cosmetics off of! Shipping on there is pricey for me though so I don't prefer it unless there is just something I have to have! lol I think soon I'll buy another one of these blushes... I have a bad habit of buying warm colors when I need to buy cooler colors! Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully it was helpful to someone. Please follow!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordana Nail Polish Review

Hello! So this is my first blog, it will be on 2 Jordana nail polishes I'm reviewing that I love so very much. One of them is a must have, especially if you're not some crazed nail artist but like more than just simple painted nails.

I got both of these for $1 . 50 at a Festival Flea Market, which is about normal price for these.
On the Jordana website they retail for
$1. 99,

These 2 nail polishes have to be some of my faves out of the many I own. They're both a thin liquid and despite that the color show up is still highly pigmented in a couple coats for the matte one. Lasting time without chipping I would say around 5-7 days and around then they would start to dull a little in color, so they're highly reasonable.
This is #960 Creamy Fuchsia, trust me the name does not match the color! This is in no way fuchsia, this is your perfect coral color.Photobucket

As you can see it's a nice thin liquid, not all goopy and stuck to the brush!kaomoji

Here it is on a false white nail, 2 coats total and 1 coat of topcoat by L.A. Colors.

Here is #675 Pink Hearts!Photobucket This is a clear sparkly color, gives off a fine opal shimmer, with little decal hearts mixed in! Photobucket

As you can see the little heart decal on the brush, there are tons in one bottle.

Painted onto a false white nail, 1 coat polish 1 coat top coat from L.A. Colors.

My suggestion for an easy application of Pink Hearts would be,
1. I use a notecard but you could use anything you don't mind being damaged by nailpolish
2. Apply a coat of nail polish, either this polish or you could paint your nails with a normal color and add top coat then follow the next steps
3. Swirl your brush around and get as many hearts out onto your notecard(or whatever)
4. Grab a toothpick or in my case a dotting tool, wet it with either some water or a little dab of nail polish, and start picking your hearts up and placing them on your nail!
By doing this you won't get a goopy application like I did my first time! 

Live and learn right? lol
Hope you enjoyed it, I'll post lots more nail polish reviews and more from here on out! Please follow! Also, if you like Jordana's Pink Heart nail polish then you may like my Dark Hearts false nail set that you can purchase here!