Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ettude House NEW Lovely Cookie Blushes, Dear my glosses, and SHINee lip balm~ review and swatches~!!!

Hiya! Made two Etude House orders a little while back and thought I'd show y'all what I got~~

My first order I got two of their newly revamped Lovely Cookie Blusher's since I loved their first Cookie Blusher which I've reviewed in the past~~ They've done a special edition makeup line with the korean boy group SHINee and Sandara from 2NE1~ In which I'm happy about because I like SHINee and 2NE1, but Sandara is not my fav, I prefer Minzy~ hehe~ =^ ^= so anyway, I got a Lip Balm, a Dear my Milky Lip Gloss, and two new Lovely Cookie Blushes~ then my second order I got a Dear my Crystal Gloss and another blush~ with everything I got I also got a variety of samples two of which I've tried~ so yay! onto teh review~
Yay~ so here it all is, the first time I ordered this was everything I got~
The Face Shop nose strip didn't do much for me... barely got a black head out but the Nesura charcoal one did wonders and I've recently ordered more~! Those nose strips put Biore to shame~ lol
Extra puff! Kyah~!
Key's Passion Fruit Lip Balm~ Really pretty pink but as expected somewhat sheer~
I'm not a big Lip Balm fan because I have long false finger nails and anything in a jar or pan is a pain for me! I always get makeup in between my real nail and false one when I try to apply with my finger, but this one isn't so tiny that it's a problem. Yay! Very moisturizing, very pretty~
Here's the Balm swatched on mah' arm~ I didn't do a lip pic because it's too sheer for it to show up correctly on camera~ =P
Then we have the Dear my Milky and Crystal Gloss~ The left one is the Milky Gloss in Strawberry Latte and the one on the right is the Crystal Gloss in Shimmering Rose Pink~
Classic doe foot applicator~ Both Lipglosses are pretty darn sheer, which I expected, but they're perfect for over lipsticks when I don't want some huge color change or tons of pigment. They're both very milky, the Crystal Gloss being just a tad bit grainy due to the sparkles, but not uncomfortable~
Strawberry Latte on top, Shimmering Rose Pink on the bottom~ I'm rlly happy with both and I plan on getting more colors soon~
003 Strawberry Latte~ rlly lightened the natural rose color of my lips~ 
002 Shimmering Rose Pink~ This one sorta compliments the rose color of my lips and adds sparkle~
Then we have the revamped Lovely Cookie Blushes which I had to get and I'll be getting another one soon! I've reviewed one of the old ones in Rose so go check that out if you wanna see the difference for yourself~
Far left Strawberry Mousse, Middle Grape Fruit Jelly, Far right Raspberry Tart~ I intend on getting Rose Sugar Macaroon very very soon~ hehe ;D
Far left Raspberry Tart, Middle Grapefruit Jelly, Far right Strawberry Mousse~ At first I thought I would dislike Strawberry Mousse it being sooo light but actually, it's my fav out of the whole bunch! Makes my cheeks not only pink but bright! I look glowy without lookin' dewy! lol and Raspberry Tart surprised me with it's sparkles, didn't expect it to be all shimmery but it is! It also looks less cool and more warm when worn~ and then Grapefruit Jelly is a pretty peach pink, doesn't look to orange when worn which is great~
Overall I'm happy, I think I'll be getting around 4 more of those lip glosses and at least one more blush~ ;D So look out for those the next upcoming month~ I ordered all of this from , love cosmetic love! lol Great prices and for only $2.00 you can have a tracking number added or just stick with plain old free shipping~ I plan on buying a lot more from them~ total for all this I paid... $49.48 ~ not too bad a price~
=^ ^= ~ thx for reading! Byez! ~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NYX Sets from Hautelook~

Hi once again!!! I feel bad this post is so overdue!
I had some trouble these past few months and I moved but now I'm finally settled in and I have some free time! So yay! Onto the review~ This is a NYX haul from hautelook I order a few months back, it's also my first time ever purchasing NYX products and I can say I'm very happy with what I got! Hautelook was wonderful as usual of course~
Click on link and sign up!!!

I decided on the Pretty Natural Blush Set, the Rosey Posey Lip Set, and the Snow Bunny Pout Brush on Gloss Set~ This all costed me around $35 w/shipping~

All cute and wrapped up~Photobucket

All cute and unwrapped~ hehe~Photobucket

The Pretty Natural Blush Set! And like the name, all these colors are pretty and natural, even Mocha, and they're pretty pigmented but build-able so you can control your color and not look like a clown~ =^ ^=

Far left is Angel, Middle is Mocha, far right is Mauve~ I love these blushes and Angel is my fav out of the three and honestly my all time fav blush~ It looks very brown in the pic but it's deceiving, when you put it on it looks more like how Mauve looks in the compact, like a peachy shimmery champagne~ love it! Mauve is much more berry colored, so is Mocha.

Far left is Angel, middle is Mocha, far right is Mauve~ You can see Mocha and Mauve look more berry colored than in the compacts~ I love these and they last for a few hours at the most in a day, only needs a couple of re-applications~ I'm gonna defiantly buy more! =D

Next is the Rosey Posey Lip Set! I was afraid the colors would be too vibrant or red but they're actually somewhat sheer and more berry colored. They're pigmented but can be pretty intense if you build the color up~!

The Matte lipstick in MLS 11 is very matte. Which I like, it's not drying like a lip stain but will last a little longer than a wet glossy lipstick. With a little lip gloss and this I'm good to go for at the most about two-three hours.

Then the Mega Shine Gloss in LG160 Tea Rose is really pretty. It's more sheer than it looks but after a few apps of it it'll become really vibrant. It's really moisturizing and honestly looks great by itself.

I love the cute little bow on top! =^o^=Photobucket

Then the Lip Liner MPL 06 Nude Pink~ I don't really use lip liners.... I like my lips to look soft not like some Bratz Dolls defined lips~ LOL but I find this useful when I wear a vibrant pink lipstick it'll actually soften the edges and make my lips look more neat, formal, and natural. The color is pretty and matches well with a lot of my stuff~ so I like it! ^ ^

Far left is the Matte Lipstick, middle is Lip Gloss, and far right is Lip Liner. As you can see all the colors compliment each other. I don't like to wear the lipstick and lipgloss together as they make a really pretty, but vibrant, berry pink color. I like sheer pinks but if you like vibrant and pigmented colors then the combo is great!! Just not my forte~ lol

There's the Mega Shine Lip Gloss on my lips, it's a little more dark to me than the picture portrays~ overall I like it!

Here's the Matte Lipstick on my lips~ Very matte and long lasting~

Here's the Snow Bunny Pout Brush on Gloss Set~ very cute colors~! They're very slick so I kinda re-apply a lot since I tend to drink a lot and loose color, but I feel that's more my fault than the gloss~ XD

Far left is Day dream, second left is Golden Mauve, middle is B52 On The Rocks, second right is Whip Cream, and far right is Clear. Day dream is the most natural and flattering color pink I've ever owned in a gloss. It has no shimmer unlike the rest and I feel it's a universal color, I've had 4 other people use it and love it! It's flattering for a lot of people. They're all really pigmented so I'm careful I don't apply too much and the other colors are very frosty and shimmery. No gritty sparkle~ hehe =^ ^=

I like the brush applicator more than a typical doe or spatula one. I think it's easier to get an even coverage.

Not my most favorite color.... if I'm light handed with it I can make it work with a lipstick or two but still I have a feeling B52 On The Rocks will last me a while. lol

Purple!!! Yay! I love purple lips! =D I have a clinique lipstick in Silvery Moon that goes great with this! This is a very cool purple, I don't think Golden Mauve was a good name for it at all~ You can see some gold but not much.

Then the all natural pink Day Dream. Looks a little darker than my pic portrays if you ask me. I love this lip gloss very much... kind of reminds me of a liquid lipstick, it has the texture to be considered one if you ask me. I use this pretty often~ lol

Sorry no lip pics of Whip Cream... my camera just for some odd reason couldn't do that lip gloss justice, but I absolutely love it. It adds a pretty beige shine to my pink lipsticks so I use it often also.

Overall I'm happy with what I got and now I want more~ hehe~ I just ordered an Eye Liner from NYX, sadly it broke when shipped~ =( but I'll make a tiny review of it soon~ Hope this was helpful~ =^ ^=!!!!